Our Story

I have loved butterflies for as long as I can remember... My first Tattoo was one.. I found them to be so beautiful and unique... no matter what.

When I started on this venture in 2016 there was no doubt that "Butterfly" would be incorporated into the name... Within minutes "Butterfly Kisses" was created.

I wanted my brand to reflect key life traits... I wanted Butterfly Kisses to be Creative and Unique.  I wanted to turn ideas into statements of love.  I wanted each item that was created to show Symbolism and Perfection.  Butterfly Kisses is every inch of this and more.

My name is Kaz...
I am living and loving life with my FH (Future Husband) Keith
I have 3 beautiful Fur Babies - Jade, Sparky and August
I am a Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin and Best Friend... 


Thank you for trusting me to create something perfect just for you