Wedding Invites.... Yay or Nay?

When we get engaged we are super excited... the planning, the socialness, the happiness of the whole occasion is fun to start with but then it comes to the budget and the price tag that goes with "Our Special Day"... that's when it gets overwhelming and sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things to fit with what you can afford...

Many years ago I got a email from my friend and her Hubby to Be with a link... "Click"... Wedding website!!!
They had decided to do this for several reasons...

  1. The wedding venue was in another country all together
  2. They had family and friends around the world that they they wanted to invite
  3. They could add in places to stay, eat, do
  4. They could have as many photos as they liked
  5. They could keep there guest updated
  6. They saved money on paper invites
  7. They could add in a RSVP request
  8. They could personalise the website to suit them as a couple

This saved them hundreds of dollar!!! and IT LOOKED amazing! BUT just remember to send the Grand Parents (and any other non tech savvy people) a actual invite..

There are many websites out there that do "Wedding Sites" and most of them are usually free..

Check out these websites:

Whatever you decide will be perfect for your big day