Children and Weddings


When planning our wedding we seem to toss up weather of not to invite children and if you chose not to there is always someone that will try to get their child invited or be mad at you!

I personally have never wanted children at my wedding – its just a personal feeling; we have lots of children in our lives however I feel that this is a celebration for the adults… Let’s now fast forward to today… I am not married however my FH (Future Husband) and myself are expecting a little FB (Future Baby) in Jan 2019… and now my feelings towards children at weddings have changed slightly (only a tad!).  Who wouldn’t want their child to be part of such a sentimental time?

So that opens up a whole new discussion on how to still have a “Adult” Celebration while including the children

Only immediate children are invited
Your Own, Niece’s and Nephew’s only to be part of the big day - make them part of the celebration and then ask the grandparents if they can leave the reception a bit earlier to take the children away so you can party the night away.

Hire a on-site baby sitter
Invite children and advise on the invite that although children are more then welcome at the ceremony, the reception is adult time and a fully qualified Baby Sitter will be on site to look after the children that attend – ask parents to bring a bag of things for a sleep over (you can provide blankets and pillow) and advise of any allergies etc.  Fill the room where the children will be with easy-to-coordinate activities—including board games, kid-appropriate movies, and simple art projects or maybe consider hired entertainers such as balloon artists, magicians, and puppeteers if your budget allows.

At the end of the day it is up to you on what to do – don’t worry about other people or what they say.  Maybe research on the internet the best ways to either tell people that children are not invited or that they are welcome for a limited time – Your Wedding is YOUR DAY and enjoy it!!

Good Luck